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Use DailyKIT's integrated online ordering system to sell both cooked food and meal kits together.


Get *guaranteed* orders by offering weekly meal plans to your loyal customers.
Build Unique Experiences

Perfect Meal Kit Store

Recipe Pages & Details

Dedicated Recipe Pages for showing Ingredients, Cooking Steps, Media and much more.

Multiple Servings

Offer choice among different serving sizes covering single, family or party-sized orders.
For Every Trend Out There

Ideal Product Presentations

Not Just Meal Kits

Sell All Your Products.

Ready-to-Eat Menu

Sell your current menu with ease

Household Items

Sell Sanitizers, Tissues, Napkins etc.

Beverages & Snacks

Provide Sodas, Beer, Snacks, etc.

Private-Label Artisanal Groceries

Monetize your special inventory sourcing.


Microwaveable and Easy to Prepare Dishes for Millenials.

Desserts & Cakes

Perfect for Bakers and Home-based Entrepreneurs
Daily Rewards Tools

Tired of Dumb Rewards?

Your Imagination is Your Only Limit. DailyKIT offers advanced tools to become a pro at your discounts game.
Increased Sales
Increased Customer Retention

Build Custom Coupons

Configure Rule-based conditions and offer discounts, cashbacks, and vouchers.

Referral Campaigns

Run Member-Get-a-Member strategies to ensure viral top line growth.

Loyalty Points

Offer Loyalty Points for each order to drive customer retention.

Wallet Amount

Customers can now top-up for additonal value.
Advanced Menu Engineering

Engineer the Quality Menu Your Brand Deserves

Collection-based Scheduling
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Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
Increase Your Ticket Size
Using DailyKIT's Advanced Tools.
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Know Your Food Cost
Don't Operate Blindly -
Control Your Profits.
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Don't Compromise

Own Your Online Store Completely

In the modern digital world, owning your web presence is a MUST.
  • Your Own Domain
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Themes & Brand Colors
  • Custom Brand Pages

Schedule an E-Meeting

How do you schedule a meeting?
Select the date on the calendar, the time slot,
and then simply fill in your information. Done!
What happens after you schedule a meeting?
We will send you a calendar invite to your supplied email address with the Google Meet link at the scheduled date & time.
In the event that you're unable to join by laptop/computer, we will call you on the given phone number.
What happens during the Meeting?
We invite you to share good, bad and the ugly of your business. After understanding your requirements and concerns, we will figure out how to deploy the proper DailyKIT tech solutions based on your business strategy.
An End-to-End Food Business Software Solution Provider

You've Never Managed Your Food Business Like This Before

  • Recipe & Menu Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Sales & Marketing Platform
  • Delivery & Packaging Integrations
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics & Reports