Roshan D Souza - Dec 21, 2020

A Question for All Food Business Owners

With Christmas around the corner, we all will see that there will be a massive spike in online sales in a tumultuous year when Online Sales was a sigh of relief in 2020. The biggest factor for this has been COVID-19. Further, customers who have already experienced the ease and comfort of online ordering will continue to use this route more and more

The Question now is, Why are you not taking advantage of this? We asked this question to ourselves as well and we found the answer. There is simply no platform out there that can offer you as many innovative ways of selling as you need to capitalise on this trend. Customer experience matters and just a website will not cut it anymore. 

We as a company were actively trying to find a solution that would work for all business owners in all conditions and now we are pleased to tell you that we have it. 

We came up with a solution for this big hole in the market which is a platform that offers flexibility. It is built in such a way that it is flexible enough to accommodate all the trending sales channels for you with a few clicks to attract customers. However with all of these sales channels, your operations must be versatile enough to work around it. This is why we built DailyOS. 

DailyOS is the next generation operations platform that can easily adapt to any change in your business model. What’s more is that by working through DailyOS your operations will slowly begin to evolve towards standardization which is the missing piece in all Food Businesses today.

Why don’t we just show you what I am talking about?

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Written by Roshan D Souza