Roshan D Souza - Mar 19, 2021

Can you pack an entire Meal Kit in 5 minutes?

Meal Kits packaging is something a lot of people are worried about. There are 2 important parts in this aspect, one is choosing the right packaging and the other is the time it takes to pack the entire meal kit. Now the former is addressed in our earlier blog on packaging which talks about the how and what to use for meal kits. Here we shall talk about the latter which is the assembly time. 

Assembling a Meal Kit and making sure every ingredient is properly in place is a task in itself. After that comes the part where you actually pack these ingredients in time to be sent out for delivery.

There are 2 cardinal sins in Meal Kit packaging which we have always tried to address. The first one being missing ingredient or wrong ingredient packed and the second being packing incorrect quantities. Both of these cardinal sins can result in a very bad consumer experience. 

We have experienced this ourselves when we ran our own Meal Kit company. There were times when both the cardinal sins would occur at the same time. This resulted in terrible consumer experiences, returns and refunds. We did not want to go through this ever again. After months of thinking and consulting various stakeholders, we came up with a unique solution and built it into DailyKIT. 

Some of the top Meal Kit companies are still having problems with these 2 cardinal sins and we have figured it out. Infact we can go ahead and tell you that with DailyKIT, under the right conditions, you can easily pack an entire Meal Kit accurately in under 5-8 minutes. 

DailyKIT is equipped with a unique system where it does not allow you to miss an ingredient nor will it allow you to pack an incorrect quantity. The system has the ability to cleverly manage everything with speed and accuracy so that you can never go wrong. With DailyKIT, in addition to Subscription and Pre Order Stores, one can deliver Meal Kits hyperlocally which can open a whole new market of customers for that business, if the business can adapt quickly to the platform. 

These are exciting times to be in the Meal Kit business as Meal Kits has never seen the type of growth and demand that it is seeing today. Just like how consumers got used to the convenience of food delivery, people are quickly preferring to subscribe to Meal Kits to completely avoid going to the grocery store. 

We are excited to show you what we have. If you wish to speak with us, click on the button below. 

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Written by Roshan D Souza