Rishi - Apr 4, 2020

Don't close your Restaurant permanently or even temporarily yet.

Hey, We know how difficult it is to run a Restaurant in normal conditions but today we are facing with a global pandemic projecting of several uncertainties. It seems surreal that the world has come to stop because of something invisible. While everyone understands that our personal health is at stake, who are infected by Coronavirus are the businesses all around the world, just like yours. We need to flatten not only the COVID-19 curve, rather the economic downturn it is causing.

Now, let's face it, while Sports, Media, Tourism and alike face a demand and regulatory constraints, food is something everyone needs even today. Same Breakfast, lunch and dinner. At this time, when it is more than essential to keep restaurants up and running so it doesn't bring the recession, some restaurants face existential threat because of how they are sustained and how precisely the unit economics need to work.

You may wonder, what do we know of running a restaurant? To be honest, We don't but we understand the nuances behind a food business. If your restaurant serves QSR, Pizza, Burgers, it may still see a significant take-out business, but those generations old, experience based, novelty based restaurants are "screwed" (sorry for the lack of a better word). Not only these businesses, but every other business like packaging, producers, distributors linked to these restaurants are screwed too. I'm not here to rub salt on your wound. We feel terrible but we have to address the problem strongly.

We were always a preacher for Meal Kits and we thought of meal kits as an supplemental expansion for your business in order to increase revenue, get marketing edge, increase utilization but we never thought this to be the reason to urge Restaurants to step up.

We know, it's a sudden thing and you may think what do you know of meal kits so here's a simple challenge. Go to your Restaurant, write one recipe from your current menu, pack ingredients for it in small bags (don't worry about the right packaging yet). Now, go to your home kitchen and cook the meal kit. No Sweat right? So, what are you waiting for? Start Meal Kits today.

Things will return to normal, this too shall pass. So, we need to put on our thinking cap, and think strategically, tactically on how do we sustain the fixed expenses. Because every Down has an Up and every Up has a light at the end of the tunnel.

Feel free to email me at rishi@dailykit.org to talk about your business and how quickly you can start meal kits.

Written by Rishi