Roshan D Souza - Feb 5, 2021

How will Meal Kits, Meal Prep benefit Restaurants?

Meal Kits continue to fill a huge gap in this pandemic and manages to address important aspects such as cooking at home, meals for small and large families and also minimal to no contact deliveries. 

Meal Kits and Meal Plan subscriptions continue to soar and this demand gives ample opportunities for everyone to get their piece of the pie. If you are a restaurant owner with many localities around you, there should not be any doubt that you must have some kind of Meal Plans in your current menu, be it Meal Kits or Meal Prep. 

Alongwith the pandemic putting a stop on everything, winters make matters even worse. Consumers are sceptical about stepping out as COVID has the tendency to spread quickly in cold weather. Seems like a perfect time to start some kind of a meal plan service but that’s not the only reason why you must be thinking about this opportunity. 

Meal Kits have always been high margin, high value products. If you’re in the game of taking pre orders, all you need is just one person to pack these Meal Kits. Consumers tend to order a minimum of 4 serving meal kits which leaves restaurants ample opportunity to plan their menu for high profits. With a lot of time in their hands, consumers would love to cook that special meal of yours as they will continue to do so for a very long time to come. Meal Kits has addressed a gap that many neglected for a very long time and people have started to realise that now. Hence Meal Kits have become god sent to many and if you are a restaurant owner, this should definitely interest you. 

Prepped Meals on the other hand has established itself as the goto product for a healthy meal. The demand is huge for Meal Prep and with many people thinking about their diet a lot during this pandemic, the demand is huge but the supply is lacking. Hence Restaurants must think about tapping into these markets soon since the interest has always been there and will continue to exist for a long time. 

There’s another big market that has spiked the interest for Meal Kits and Meal prep which is the consumer who are 60 years old and above, which now make up a big user base due to baby boomers being forced to shift to living in a digital world in quarantine. 

Another challenge for consumers since the pandemic hit has been adhering to social distancing rules while making essential outings such as grocery shopping. Meal kit services can reduce these trips with no-contact delivery options becoming more common. Meal kits offer a more convenient, sustainable and affordable dinner solution for home-cooked meals than a supermarket can anyday. 

There has never been a better time to get in the game and establish best practices, continue to learn more about the market and talk to operators who would help you achieve your goals. 

While the demand is huge, the challenges of running a successful Meal Kit or Meal Prep business can be taxing on Restaurant Owners. This is where DailyKIT comes in. DailyKIT boasts of industry experts who have run Meal Kit or Subscription type businesses in the past. The combined knowledge of all this experience is the bedrock on which the DailyKIT platform has been built. 

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Written by Roshan D Souza