Roshan D Souza - Jan 10, 2020

How will you eat in 2020?

Most of America saw a surge of new food cravings in 2019. There were the plant-based whoppers from Burger King, Amazon entered the grocery business in a big way with Amazon Now paving the way for future shoppers, Hemp-based Meal Kits took over the US by storm with the legalization of Marijuana. Many people were bitten by the Food customization bug as they started to realize that they need change. Food aggregators started offering many different types of customizations and people loved it.

Green was the color of 2019 as Vegetarianism came back with a vengeance. Plant-based proteins were a rage as many stayed away from Animal-based protein. Lots of people suddenly started realizing that they love Kale as it became the base of almost all salads.

As America started becoming more and more selective about what they eat, they also started to realize that they are attracted to change. The age of the millennials were upon us as they started to dictate the market. They started cooking at home, getting food delivered at home and paved way for more and more convenience in the F&B space.

The year 2020 looks very interesting as the market is shifting towards convenience more than ever before. As the number of grocery shoppers started to dwindle, many acquisitions were made because companies failed to notice the market shift. Convenience became the talk of the town when Amazon launched their Grocery Store and the whole world took notice.

People will never stop eating but how will they eat is the real question. Will they step out or will they get the food delivered? Cooking is the new sexy and people have started to enjoy it because it’s easier now. Gone were the days when you had to haul yourself to a grocery store and get your ingredients only to realize it wasn’t as fun as people at ‘Master Chef’ or ‘Top Chef’ make them look.

But what people have realized now is that, cooking actually is a lot of fun and they love it. Why? Meal Kits have arrived to oversell people’s cooking abilities. If you have failed to see this shift in trend, you are in for a rude shock. Thankfully, the market has started to respond as Restaurants have started looking into Meal Kits very seriously. We can have basically anything delivered to our doorsteps, from clothing rentals to personalized wine recommendations and now you also have Meal Kits.

Here’s the real twist in the tale. The Meal Kits have now started to pop out of your favorite restaurants in many cities across USA. The demand for Meal Kits has created this need for making Meal Kit delivery convenient and accessible by a Pre Order or 60 Minute delivery. And who better to do it than your favorite restaurant across the road.

Social Media has played a vital role in people talking about their favorite restaurant dish and its Meal Kit from that Restaurant. Facebook is filled with groups and posts about Meal Kits from their favorite restaurant. This new development has made it extremely easy for people of US to get their hands on a Meal Kit instead of waiting a week or more to get them from miles away. Now all you have to do is just order them online and it can be delivered when ever people say they want it.

So how will you eat in 2020? We are pretty sure you would love to Eat anything that you want to eat with a little bit of convenience :)

Written by Roshan D Souza