Roshan D Souza - Dec 29, 2020

Let's talk about At Home Experience

Let's face it. In today's world, people that prefer to cook at home, food safety is the highest priority. 

With or without COVID, customers will have gotten used to the experience of almost everything “At Home” thus there will be increasingly more F&B brands providing 'At Home' experiences. It's time to peek into the other side

Based on trend analysis, research and customer feedback the results are clear:

Meal Kits are quickly becoming the best experience that your customers can enjoy from home. Many food brands have adopted this approach and thus survived this pandemic because of this. 

The problem today is that since food owners are not providing Meal Kits, all of the big players including marketplaces like Blue Apron are the ones customers rely on for their food. That being said, there are 2 big problems here already (out of 100's of problems): the technology & the geographical positioning

Meal Kits have clearly risen but its not just about Meal Kits anymore, the entire Restaurant Sales have increasingly graduated towards going Online so everything is now "At Home". Let us help you adapt at no cost. That's right ZERO COST. 

Some technologies are “Packed with Features” but there are others which are “Packed with Solutions". We want to prepare you for the future so that your business is not exposed during times of crisis. DailyKIT is built for the future that learns and adapts itself to evolving consumer consumption trends in real time.

Let's talk about it. Give us a call sometime 

Written by Roshan D Souza