Roshan D Souza - Jan 14, 2021

Let's talk about Ghost Kitchens

We all know what COVID has done to us and to the food businesses. We donot need to remind ourselves of any of those horrors even though we haven't gotten rid of it. But every cloud has a silver lining they said and yes, there were indeed more than a few silver linings. 

A tried and tested concept which many businesses have succeeded at has re emerged from the slumber. That is none other than Ghost / Virtual Kitchens. 

Ghost Kitchens were restricted to only a few set of businesses who had identified their niche in the virtual kitchen space but not anymore. It now can be run by anyone with the right tools.

We say multiple restaurants start virtual kitchens successfully. There are instances where 60+ brands was run by one single brand and in one single kitchen. Now we are not saying that you need to run 60+ brands but it just goes to show the endless possibilities this space offers. 

If you have an existing food business running a set cuisine, you could run another alternative brand with a different cuisine whose presence is only online from which your customers can place orders for delivery or pickup

Since Restaurants running Ghost Kitchens is a relatively new concept, a lot of tech platforms haven’t caught up to operational requirements and capabilities needed to run it successfully alongwith options to explore multiple types of Online Store fronts. Yes, that’s right, if you cannot sell your brands to the customers who are accustomed to certain trends / online platforms, it might present itself as a new challenge. What you need is for your Tech Platform to do all the heavy lifting so that you can get back to what you do best. 

Every Technology platform will give you the ability to operate a restaurant kitchen which they have been doing for years. But when COVID hit, why did many businesses shut? It wasn’t because the opportunities reduced but it was mainly because there were not alternatives that a business could explore if one failed. It was simply because not a single tech platform out there is Trend Responsive. They failed to protect your business from uncertainties. Except for one. 

DailyKIT is built on the backbone of being Trend Responsive. It simply means that the ability to present you with solutions when once fails is the highest with DailyKIT than any other platform out there. The platform is built on the bedrock of flexibility which means, the platform can react to changing trends and get accustomed to changes rather easily. In occasions with just a few clicks of buttons. 

At its helm, DailyKIT boasts of years of experience in food business and the total learnings gathered from years of trend changes has resulted in an idea that became the DailyKIT platform. 

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Written by Roshan D Souza