Ananya Rajput - Apr 2, 2021

Your packaging should build brand recall

Your brand is in a constant battle to retain customers, build confidence and encourage brand recall. To ensure this, a brand needs to build their brand voice.

When it comes to food, brand voice involves more than just colors, fonts and logos it involves the food item, the source of that item, illustrative communication that connects the consumer with their food.

In case of a Meal Kit brand, showcasing the exotic nature of its recipe, its pre portioned and prepped ingredients and it’s convenience are what makes their meal kit packaging a success.

The question that often arises: is brand identification possible in a crowded market?

Your brand voice is the defining factor to how your brand is perceived to their consumers. It shapes your connection with them, with the ingredients you’re providing and how their food items are being prepared, whether you do it intentionally or not. 

For a Meal Kit Item, the brand voice mainly lies with its assembly packaging as well as centre of plate ingredient. We believe the meal kit brand voice should convey either the premium quality of their product or the sustainability of the same.

Centre of plate ingredient packaging

Modern consumers prefer to know what companies stand for and what’s going on behind the scenes. The packaging of the centre of plate must illustrate the source of that ingredient which can connect the consumer to the cultivation of that ingredient as well as freshness.

Now to communicate the premium quality and sustainability of the ingredient, the ingredient label information can be used using the right colors and the fonts.

To communicate the premium quality of the ingredient, the color combination must showcase the vibrance on packaging. One way to do that is to have a dark background with a couple of light colors to let the label stand out. Similarly to showcase sustainability, the background can be used with brown color and corrugated pattern to bring out the kraft paper feel, even if the packaging required has to be plastic.

To show the freshness of ingredients, the best way is to use transparent packaging and let the ingredient speak of itself with the illustration on the source of the ingredient on it. 

A brand’s confidence is built on the quality of their ingredients too, information regarding its nutritional values, allergens as well as regarding packaging as how to safely handle the package are crucial with the current marketing standards. The easiest way to achieve this standard is to let the packaging speak for it’s ingredients as well as itself. Such information can be added to the backside of a packaging and win it’s consumer confidence with each unboxing.

Other Ingredient packaging

Most Meal Kit businesses slap a few labels on their packaging, double the sticker price, and call it a day. Let your brand logo be at the top with confidence on your sachets and convey the type of ingredient they are holding following it. Continuing the line illustrations, I am following in this article I have, I suggest to have patterns for each ingredient type illustrating their source, put a placeholder on the backside of your packaging for the label you need to paste in real time and let the consistency of your packaging show your operational ethics towards your Meal Kit sachets.

Assembly packaging

Keep it simple. Be transparent with your first look. Show who you are and what you stand for. Let your consumer simply be welcomed with your brand logo and statement.

Assembly packaging differs as per your model i.e. subscription as well as on-demand.

Subscription requires more care and temperature control as the shipment range and time is more whereas the on-demand mostly requires simply what shelf meal kits and current food delivery marketplaces like Postmates, Uber Eats use.


DailyKIT’s Role

Your packaging will appeal to your customer if your design speaks to your consumers. Along with a host of other services, we at DailyKIT will also make sure that your packaging design represents your brand accurately and also help you to source your packaging requirements with the best of our abilities. We will help to make sure that you get the right packaging and design your packaging packaging for you. 

We believe that being a one stop shop for all your requirements (including packaging and design)  will allow you to concentrate on your business more while we take care of the rest. 

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Written by Ananya Rajput