Roshan D Souza - Jan 5, 2021

Top Trending ways to do run a food business in 2021

The Year 2020 was a year was something we would like forget in an instant. Everything went south in 2020 which definitely was not part of the plan. It forced many businesses to alter their game plan for the better or worse.

Few did have a silver lining though. Many Food Businesses became self aware and started exploring a lot of newer avenues to do business which have spilled over into the New Year. Businesses which knew the avenues to tap into started exploring them and were very successful at that. But what about the businesses that did not explore these avenues? Why were they not able to look at alternative ways of doing business without disrupting the existing business?

One can only speculate but “lack of exposure to newer tools or lack of knowledge of newer tools”  is a sure shot winner here. Let's not make the same mistake again. We will give you the knowledge and the tools you need. How about we forget about the past and start 2021 afresh? It's time to evolve. It’s time to be more Trend Responsive. 

Below are some of the most trending ways of running a successful online food business (not necessarily in the same order)

  1. On-Demand Online Store: Give your brand the ability of an Uber Eats or a Grub Hub. Deliver dishes in 60 minutes or less
  2. Online Subscription Store: Become Blue Apron but a lot better from your very own kitchen. 
  3. Ghost/Virtual Brands: Operate Multiple Ghost Brands from the same Kitchen and have multiple online stores. Explore cuisines that you never though was possible from your existing brand. 
  4. Scheduled Deliveries: Allow your customers to place orders on your online store which can be scheduled to be delivered later on a particular day of the week or any time you feel is feasible 
  5. Private Label Grocery: Don’t let your inventory goto waste. The ingredients to all your menu items can be sold as Grocery too.
  6. Build Your Own Meal: Give your customers the ability to build their own meal from your very own Online Store.  
  7. Your Brand on an App: Allow your customers to stay loyal to your brand. Get yourself an app that’s simple and easy to use

You might wondering as to how could you possibly utilise these trends and implement them to your business. That’s what we are here for. Let us go a step further and say, you could do all of the above and do it successfully at NO COST. 

We just need to know a little bit about you and your business. 

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Written by Roshan D Souza