Roshan D Souza - Dec 24, 2020

We come bearing gifts..

Happy Holidays Everyone and Season's Greetings to one and all. There's gifts for everyone but first let us address the cat in the bag. 

This year has not been a great one for many of us but what we can do is learn how to do things better, to survive and take the next leap forward. The best way to learn is to look at how some of the other big guys like McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Subway, Taco Bell..,etc survived. 

Have you ever wondered how these brands survived the test of COVID and quite literally the test of time itself? How did they adapt to changing trends so quickly and seemingly effortlessly when countless other food businesses closed down when customers started demanding newer trends? Here's what we found 

Well the answer is simple really. Whatever the trend, their Kitchen operations remained standardized for years. These brands foresaw the importance of standardization which is the biggest missing piece of the puzzle that most food businesses could not or did not implement.

The silver lining is, we have solved it for you. We have done all the heavy lifting,  have conducted extensive studies on how these brands survived with changing chefs, labor, times while managing to maintain the same food quality and familiarity and brand value. What these businesses have as a part of their operations is something that you as a food business operator need to start thinking about. 

Let us spread some cheer to all of you during these troubled times. We have some good news. Implement all the latest trends and tools for FREE because DailyKIT will not cost you anything. 

DailyKIT’s own back-end platform DailyOS makes sure that you can always remain cuisine agnostic and provide your food business the backbone needed for an End-To-End Kitchen Workflow & Operations Management. Our OMNI-COMMERCE Solution Rapidly MONETIZES Food Trends and makes sure that you adapt to any change in the trend with so much ease that it almost seems effortless. 

You might have a lot of questions if you are reading this but that's what we are here for. Click here if you want to talk to us >>

Merry Christmas and also a very Happy New Year 2021

Written by Roshan D Souza