Roshan D Souza - Apr 28, 2020

Why has this lockdown sparked a surge in demand for Meal Kits?

Nobody foresaw an event that would shut down the entire world in just a couple of months that has taken ages to build and the coronavirus pandemic has done just that.

For companies like Airbnb, self-isolation means that nobody is travelling. There is plenty of supply with millions of listings still on the site, but the demand has all but evaporated. The same goes for Uber where people are just not stepping out so they are looking at other avenues like Grocery Delivery, Food Delivery, Errand Runs..etc. 

On the other end of the spectrum, companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub are finding it difficult as they are dependent on meals that these restaurant cook for delivery. But no one saw this twist in the tale. Meal Kits now seem to be the most sensible business model for any and every restaurants to work on as it has always been. Companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh were wary of Restaurant picking up on the demand and their fear has come to fruition. 
All of a sudden every Restaurant wants a piece of the Meal Kit business as demand from the customers seem to have soared to an extent where it can only be met when more and more Restaurants start Meal Kit services. Meal Kits has always been the most safest business model, even safer and cooked food just because of the fact that the profit margins are high. 
There are umpteen Restaurants starting their own Meal Kit services and here's some of the reasons why it makes sense.
1. Grocery Shops have become a risk for customers to visit because of the community spread of the virus.  
2. Regardless of whether individuals choose to visit a Grocery, they are met with long lines, empty aisles and Social Distancing is making it significantly more harder.
3. Wearing Face Masks have become mandatory and with limited supply of such masks, individuals are just excessively scared of venturing out of the house.
4. A colossal chunk of your client base is sitting at home standing by to cook their own food with a great deal of time on their hand.
5. Despite the fact that there's no strong proof of the infection spreading through food, individuals are as yet careful about requesting prepared food to be delivered.
6. Meal Kits will permit customers to get the certainty of preparing their own food and considering them safe.
7. Raw Meal Kits will allow them to be careful by washing every ingredient and cooking them from scratch with a recipe card. 
8. With people having a lot of time to spend with families, they prefer to show off their cooking skills now more than ever. 
9. Larger serving Meal Kits like 4-8 servings seem to sell well. 
10. Packing a Meal Kit is just one person job for a restaurant allowing to keep operations lean during this lockdown. 
11. Since the demand is high, Meal Kits can be a reliable source of revenue.
Since Dailykit being a Meal Kit technology company, we want to do everything we can for restaurant to sustain themselves during this period. 
Hence we have decided to give out our technology platform for for anyone who's doing Meal Kits at their restaurants and also to Restaurants who wish to start a Meal Kit service.
Times are hard and we all have to put our heads together just to see this through. We are here with you and we want to see you and help you come out of this situation. 

Written by Roshan D Souza