Roshan D Souza - Jan 21, 2021

Why is the Meal Prep Business most lucrative in 2021?

Meal Prep Business alongwith Meal Kits dominates the top food business ideas for 2020 and the trend hasn’t stopped. The Google search results by many customers for Meal Prep Delivery has been right up there in 2020 among all your conventional food businesses and will spill over into 2021 as well. 

If you really want to get successful in this business, you have to understand what the people want. Then before directly investing into Meal Prep Business, it is worth gathering some statistics of the industry and determining the scope of the business.

A survey report says that 37.6% of people from the age group of 25–34 yrs use online food delivery services. The average revenue generated by the per-user is projected to amount to $46.06 in 2020 and $48.62 in 2024. Meals ordered online and directly delivered by the restaurant, no matter whether it is delivered through an app or a website, has just become a hot trend in the town.

Meal Prep Business is traditionally a healthy alternative to regular food and the healthy Meal Prep Box is still the most popular option among people. Out of every 10 searches for food delivery, 4-6 searches are always for healthy food. 

Humans are creatures of habit and COVID has fed the habit of eating healthy to people. It has bought a lot of individuals on track in terms of eating healthy. Now that they have had the time to cook and consume healthy meals, they donot want to look back. People are very careful about what they consume and they love to be presented with options. Subway delivery requests shot up monumentally because subway offers customers the ability to build they own sub. The consumers of Meal Prep boxes want to build they own box for the week. 

Subscription based business is the most common type of business in the Meal Prep world as customers like to build their own meal for a week and get them delivered home. This makes Meal Prep business extremely lucrative as the average order value is very high compared to your regular online order. Customers who like a particular brand of Meals prefer to stay with that brand for a months together as it keeps them glued to their diet plans. 

We have been talking a lot about trending business models a lot in our previous blogs and Meal Prep business is one of them. Now it is more important for business owners to offer trending ways to make their brands presentable to customers. Just a simple online store does not cut it which is what many businesses end up doing and shut shop when they don’t get a proper response. It is very important for businesses to offer trending ways for their customers to place orders. It is extremely important for businesses now to be more and more trend responsive. It is all the more important for businesses to adopt technologies that is open to be trend responsive. 

DailyKIT’s tech stack is built in a way that allows us to be trend responsive. Apart from already being able to execute almost every trend that is out there in the market, we are always looking for ways to set the trend ourselves. It is very easy for us to provide many ways for businesses to be presentable and various ways to sell that rivals the top tech companies in the market today. 

We love providing experiences to our customers rather than just being a tech company. We love to get involved and really listen to what businesses have to say which always helps us being trend responsive. 

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Written by Roshan D Souza