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Order Management

Achieve Execution At Speed

Receive Real-Time Order Progress & Status Updates On Your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or KDS.
  • Track Order Progress
  • Edit Order Once Placed
  • Accept or Reject Order
  • Auto-Print KOTs
Idiot-Proof Production

Faster Throughput with 100% Accuracy

Operate with an ergonomical approach that enables your staff to easily operate at the highest capacity.

Ingredient Routing for Quick & Accurate Packing and Assembly

Create stations & easily configure each item to its station. Distribute the workload effortlessly between physical locations automatically and avoid all the confusion and chaos.

Consistent Prepping & Processing

Demonstrate your brand’s standard operating procedure (SOP) over the KDS with images, videos and precise item-specific prepping instructions.

Precise Packaging

Easily set the desired item-specific packaging per its related quantity, ensuring accuracy and consistency for the finished product.

Accurate Yield Conversion

With DailyKIT's easy to remember Measurements & Units feature, you can maintain a standard unit of measurement & seamlessly convert between different units.
Product Fulfillment Configuration

Setup Primary & Backup Fulfillment Modes

Choose your preferred mode of fulfillment, be it Primary or Backup, for Inventory & Cost Management. During Order Processing, automatically switch between Primary and Backup in case of Reduced Inventory.
  • Manage production by assigning Appropriate Fulfillment Modes to your orders.
  • Create & Schedule Work Orders to be production ready.
  • Manage Product Order Routing by assigning each item to their precise station.
Precision Delivery

Deliver or Get It Delivered

Don't be restricted by your labor strength, delivery expense, or time to serve your customer. Be your own master and leave the rest to us.

Self - Delivery

Manage & deliver to your customer on your terms, be it delivery range, price, time, or more.

Delivery Partners

Partner with 3rd parties, manage & assign each delivery individually to a partner per their & your convienience.
Do it All.

Scale as your Grow.

Inventory Management

Plan inventory, schedule work orders and setup backup fulfillment modes to ensure operational preparedness and faster throughput.

Insights & Reporting

With auto-generated reports & analytics, gain deeper insights into your sales and operations helping you to make informed decisions to scale.

Supported Hardware

Get & Configure your production workflow & routing with the weighing scales, scanners, printers of your choosing.

Serving Every Food Business

The Only Trend-Responsive
Software Solution You'll Ever Need.

An End-to-End Food Business Software Solution Provider

You've Never Managed Your Food Business Like This Before

  • Recipe & Menu Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Sales & Marketing Platform
  • Delivery & Packaging Integrations
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics & Reports

Schedule an E-Meeting

How do you schedule a meeting?
Select the date on the calendar, the time slot,
and then simply fill in your information. Done!
What happens after you schedule a meeting?
We will send you a calendar invite to your supplied email address with the Google Meet link at the scheduled date & time.
In the event that you're unable to join by laptop/computer, we will call you on the given phone number.
What happens during the Meeting?
We invite you to share good, bad and the ugly of your business. After understanding your requirements and concerns, we will figure out how to deploy the proper DailyKIT tech solutions based on your business strategy.