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For Restaurants

Optimize Kitchen Workflows
& Juice New Sales Channels.

An Innovative Omni-Channel Solution That Monetizes Food Trends with End-To-End Kitchen Workflows & Operations Management Software

Trending Sales Channels

Leverage Trending Product Lines & Sales Channels such as On-Demand, Ready To Eat, Meal Kits, Meal Prep..Etc To Capture Maxmium Revenue.

Standardized Kitchen Workflows

Increase Kitchen Productivity & Reduce Labor Dependency Through DailyKIT's Automated SOPs That Are Built Around Your Existing BOH Workflows.

Built For Scale

Whether You Operate A Single Location or Multiple Locations, A Regional or National Chain, The DailyKIT Platform Will Work For You.

Mitigate Risks & Achieve Stability

Reduce dependence on uncertain scenarios like labor, environmental crisis, pandemic or any unforeseen circumstances. DailyKIT acts like the digital copy of your food business that you can turn it on and off at will.
For Supermarkets

Meet Rapidly Evolving Consumer Needs With Ease

Online Grocery Sales Hit A Record $7.2 BN in 2020 & That Is Just Scratching The Surface.
  • Grow Top-Line
  • Mulitply Brand
  • Increase Bottom-Line
  • Mitigate Risk & Achieve
For Cloud Kitchens

Built For Cloud Kitchen Operations

Cloud Kitchens rely heavily on technology to help run their brands. DailyKIT’s ability to take any kitchen to cloud will help bring life into your Ghost Kitchen brands.
  • Incorporate Trending Sales Channels
  • Optimize Operations
  • Multiple Brands - One Solution
  • Built for The Future

Schedule an E-Meeting

How do you schedule a meeting?
Select the date on the calendar, the time slot,
and then simply fill in your information. Done!
What happens after you schedule a meeting?
We will send you a calendar invite to your supplied email address with the Google Meet link at the scheduled date & time.
In the event that you're unable to join by laptop/computer, we will call you on the given phone number.
What happens during the Meeting?
We invite you to share good, bad and the ugly of your business. After understanding your requirements and concerns, we will figure out how to deploy the proper DailyKIT tech solutions based on your business strategy.