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Meal Kit Platform for Supermarkets

Your Inventory. Your Space. Your Staff.
DailyKIT Converts Your Supermarket into a Virtual Meal Kit Warehouse.

Supermarket Meal Kits:
Current Breakdown

Meal Kits Are
Here To Stay

  • Channel Migration is blurring the lines between Restaurant and Grocery. Consumers are propelling newer Retail Food Formats. As proof, Meal Kit sales have ballooned to more than $5 Billion. Operators may not like to be first movers, but waiting too long WILL NOT work.

Aquire a
Meal Kit Company

  • The most expenisve solution is to acquire a meal kit company at a premium. Ultimately, their centralized operations would need to be dis-integrated and reimagined to work for multiple locations, which is a heavy lift. Further, high customer acquisition costs this way would negatively impact pricing and margins.

Contract a
Third-Party Co-Packer

  • A logistical nightmare, fraught with ineffciencies. The inability to control cost & shrinkage, expensive logistics and losing critical shelf-life in transit results in meal kits becoming a loss-leader. If done right, meal kits can become a profit-driving segment.

Supermarket Meal Kits:
The DailyKIT Solution

Use On-Site Inventory
& BOH Space

  • With cross-utilization of your inventory for meal kits, DailyKIT gives you more control over reducing your food costs. Use your expiring stock to manufacture meal kits to approach zero food waste.

Meal Kit Manufacturing

  • With DailyKIT's Manufacturing Technology, you can produce store-branded meal kits in 5 Minutes or less. Whether your meal kits are for planned for the shelf, or made-to-order for online shoppers, DailyKIT can be used by your existing staff with ease.

Convert Recipe Centers into Meal Kit Stores

  • Recipe Centers inspire your customers to strategically purchase ingredients from your store. With DailyKIT, they can purchase these ingredients & recipes conveniently bundled as Meal Kits. Match your recipes with your stock and retrofit a perfect supermarket meal kit store.
Enterprise Work Scope
  • Open-Source Codebase
  • On-Location Deployment
  • API-based Architecture
  • Deep Integration Capability
  • Integrate with Existing E-Commerce
  • Integrate with Existing Inventory Management
  • Integrate with Existing Kitchen Hardware
  • Convert Your Recipe Center into A Branded Meal Kit Store
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Custom Insights & Scheduled Reports
  • Hub & Spoke Model Integration
  • Personalized ML-based Demand Forecasting Pipelines
First, schedule a meeting
using the calendar shown.

How The
Pilot Works


Choose A Pilot Location

If you don't already know which location would be perfect, we can assist you on selecting the best location for a perfect start.

Finalize Pilot Menu & Packaging

DailyKIT will work with you to devise the perfect pilot menu catering to your existing customers. Our extensive network of suppliers can help source the perfect meal kit packaging.

Set Strategic KPIs

We work alongside your team to help curate the right KPIs in terms of costs, labor time, customer satisfaction and your business targets. Once KPIs are achieved, we leverage pilot data to strategically roll-out in the rest of your eligible locations.