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One Solution Fits All

Free Online Ordering and Back of the House Solution

Ready to Eat. Meal Kits. Branded Artisanal Grocery.

DailyKIT Allows You To Deploy Any Type of E Commerce Solution with a Powerful Back of the House Solution

Challenges for Restaurants

Third-Party Commissions Eat Away At Profit Margins

  • Pre-COVID, 3rd Party was a choice for incremental sales.
  • Now online channels drive the major share of revenue.
  • In-house digital ordering solutions are now deemed necessary as 30-40% commission cuts simply can not be sustained.

Customers Are Driving
Newer Retail Food Formats

  • Evolving culture, lifestyle, demographics & uncertain economy all put pressure on the average food consumer.
  • Trend evolution in the Digital Age is rapid: Meal Kits, Meal Prep, Artisanal Grocery, Subscription, On Demand, Pickup, Online Delivery.
  • Similar to the Dine-In experience, the online ordering experience matters. Order & Delivery Tracking, nutritional & allergen data, as well as ingredient information are expected to be present.

Staff Retention Challenges Traditional Business Models

  • Training newer staff is a challenge and hiring trained ones is challenging. What do you do?
  • Increasing per hour wages are putting pressure on already razor-thin margin business.
  • Lack of standardization and digitized tools puts added pressure on operators leading to frustration.

The DailyKIT Solution

Higher Volumes with Additional Products

  • With DailyKIT's FoodTech Platform, produce Meal Kits, Meal Prep, Branded Artisanal Grocery, and other trending product lines so you’re no longer solely dependent on your existing Ready-to-Eat menu.

Sell Everywhere:
Become Omnipresent

  • Use DailyKIT's Best-in-Class Online Ordering System to expand your market radius by offering subscriptions outside of your immediate area. What's more, you can run one brand, or 100 different online-only brands from your existing kitchen at no additional cost.

Establish SOPs
for Consistent Quality

  • Create a digital copy of your restaurant kitchen by dividing operations into different stations. Bring your own hardware for more ergonomic operations. And employees work like a charm when they are not strained with decision making by maintaining SOPs and other standards.

Schedule an E-Meeting

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What happens after you schedule a meeting?
We will send you a calendar invite to your supplied email address with the Google Meet link at the scheduled date & time.
In the event that you're unable to join by laptop/computer, we will call you on the given phone number.
What happens during the Meeting?
We invite you to share good, bad and the ugly of your business. After understanding your requirements and concerns, we will figure out how to deploy the proper DailyKIT tech solutions based on your business strategy.