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Order Fulfillment

What Do You Need?
Pick-Up? Delivery? Both?


  • Set Pickup Time Range Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Ensure Contactless Pickup


  • Opt for Self-Delivery or Partner with a 3rd-Party
  • Set Multiple Delivery Choices Based on: Day, Delivery Range, Cost, etc..
Delivery Integrations

Explore & Partner with Delivery Providers Around You.

Delivery Hub
Explore Partners
DailyKIT provides you the platform to find & connect with Delivery Partners, know their terms & conditions & partner with them with 100% transparency.
Delivery Setup
Setup & Assign Delivery Partners on Your Terms
Assign Deliveries to your Partners based on: delivery day, radius, price, and time, then let DailyKIT take care of notifying them.
Monthly Settlement
Settle Your Payments Post-Cycle with DailyKIT
Settle your payments with your Delivery Partners at the end of each cycle, and Let us worry about the charge sheet & invoices.
Order Tracking

Customer or Operator? Track Orders the Same Way!

Consumer Tracking

  • Real-time Map Tracking
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Delivery Partner Info
  • Delivery Partner Body Temp

Operator Tracking

  • Real-time Map Tracking
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Delivery Partner Info
  • Delivery Address
On-Demand Delivery

Seamless Order Fulfillment

We understand the nuances of pick-up & delivery. With DailyKIT easily configure precise mile ranges, order value limits, custom delivery charges, as well as days and times at which you deliver or pickup.
Whether 3rd-Party or in-house, once configured, DailyKIT's rule-based & automatic pick-up and delivery assignment is a breeze.
Subscription Delivery

Schedule Weekly Shipments with Ease

Operate subscription deliveries from your fingertips. Select delivery days & zip codes, along with with custom delivery prices.
DailyKIT takes care of your scheduled & recurring deliveries by assigning the right delivery partner beforehand, ensuring on-time delivery every time.

Delivery & Pickup Insights

An End-to-End Food Business Software Solution Provider

You've Never Managed Your Food Business Like This Before

  • Recipe & Menu Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Sales & Marketing Platform
  • Delivery & Packaging Integrations
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics & Reports