Flexible Order Fulfillment

Set Your Own Delivery Terms

Delivery Integrations

Explore & Partner with Delivery Providers Around You.

Delivery Hub
Explore Partners

DailyKIT provides you the platform to find & connect with Delivery Partners, know their terms & conditions & partner with them with 100% transparency.

Delivery Hub
Setup & Assign Delivery Partners on Your Terms

Assign Deliveries to your Partners based on: delivery day, radius, price, and time, then let DailyKIT take care of notifying them.

Delivery Hub
Settle Your Payments Post-Cycle with DailyKIT

Settle your payments with your Delivery Partners at the end of each cycle, and Let us worry about the charge sheet & invoices.

Order Tracking

Customer or Operator? Track Orders the Same Way!


Seamless Order Fulfillment

We understand the nuances of pick-up & delivery. With DailyKIT easily configure precise mile ranges, order value limits, custom delivery charges, as well as days and times at which you deliver or pickup.

Whether 3rd-Party or in-house, once configured, DailyKIT's rule-based & automatic pick-up and delivery assignment is a breeze.

Subscription Delivery

Schedule Weekly Shipments with Ease

Operate subscription deliveries from your fingertips. Select delivery days & zip codes, along with with custom delivery prices.DailyKIT takes care of your scheduled & recurring deliveries by assigning the right delivery partner beforehand, ensuring on-time delivery every time.

Delivery and Pickup Insights

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Schedule an E-Meeting

How Do You Schedule A Meeting?

Select the date on the calendar, the time slot, and then simply fill in your information. Done!

What Happens After You Schedule A Meeting?

We will send you a calendar invite to your supplied email address with the Google Meet link at the scheduled date & time.In the event that you're unable to join by laptop/computer, we will call you on the given phone number

What Happens During The Meeting?

We invite you to share good, bad and the ugly of your business. After understanding your requirements and concerns, we will figure out how to deploy the proper DailyKIT tech solutions based on your business strategy.