Our Philosophy

No Harvested Grain of Grocery should be lost wasted

The Premise What is the future of Cooking? Does it become obsolete? Would Kitchen transform into Pantry? The answer to these questions reflects one fundamental problem. Problem that cooking via traditional Grocery is way too inconvenient. The problem that needs to be solved is of daily food, for which we are relied upon the Cooking. Consumers don’t have time for Grocery Shopping. They want to Shop for Meals. We believe in the future either Cooking will become obsolete or Meal Kits will thrive as a go to choice for the daily food. We fear the former and inspire from latter.

Vision Statement

To Abolish the unsaid right to food wastage so No harvested grain of grocery is lost

The Reason

Our existing food system is on the verge of collapse with shrinking farm lands and expanding population. It is estimated that our earth can only sustain a population of 9 Billion as will not have food to sustain the extra population.

Our Path

We aim to build a system where each individual know his/her immediate needs for grocery and by real time analysis we can plan and forsee the requirement and transmit the data to farmers so to grow and sow the exact needs.

Our aim is to introduce automation into food businesses and make them self reliant. Our team is built with former Restaurant Owners, Meal Kit Company Owners, Ghost Kitchen owners. We know each and every pain point of what it takes to get everything absolutely spot on.

While our technology can be used all across the food industry in different aspects, our focus is towards a gap which is widening and no one seems to be filling

The Future

The future of food consumption is here and we are leading the charge. We have all seen it in the movies and now we all have a chance to make it a reality. As the working population begins to adopt itself into newer ways of food consumption, accessibility is all that they need. Dailykit has done all the heavy lifting and we believe our clients have everything they need to run a successful food business be it Restaurant, Grocery, A Large Enterprise, Food StartUp, Meal Kit Company, To-Go Meals and every other business that one can possibly imagine.

The future is here and it’s now, adaptation must not be the cause for turning a blind eye to the future.



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