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Your recipes are unique, Loyal Customers & You can get very high ROI

Fine dining or experience restaurants are the places that we love to dine in. They provide an ambiance and service to look forward to. There are hardly any restaurants who can attribute their loyal customers to ambiance and service alone. Everyone knows that if the food ain’t right, then the place ain’t right.

So, if you are running your establishment successfully, we have a reason to believe that your food is exceptional and makes people come to you again and again. Every business has some challenges and the case is same here.

Below we discuss some of the challenges faced by fine dining

Low turnout on regular week nights

Most people follow the corporate style, hangout on weekends and relax at home on regular nights. It is not uncommon to see, restaurants almost empty on most of the nights and crowded way above capacity on weekends and some special dates.

It would be a shame if fancy dishes like yours were to be delivered cooked in some plastic ware and we know that . Your chef curated meals does not deserve that.

Well, if there’s any truth to success behind blueapron, it’s their fancy recipes that people love to cook at home. It makes them feel like a chef and gives them a satisfaction that is only making them more loyal to company like BA.

So what do you do now?

With Meal Kits, you have a chance to build brand loyalty with your customers and add new customers who would love to cook your recipes at home, try and succeed to make it look like and bring out the flavours your chefs intended.

Losing revenue by unexpected crowd

Table reservations.. They have been a social norm for past many decades. When a place is so successful that people have to reserve the tables hours before to in some cases even months.

As an establishment owner, you are proud and satisfied with this enormous success but losing clients who were impromptu and impulsive may mean that you may lose them forever. Countless incidents have been heard when people tired of waiting and reservations, choose places that they are certain would be available.

Well here again, adding Meal Kits, any customer who is there for food and not particularly for ambiance, have an opportunity to cook your meal kit at home and not disappoint their spouse on anniversary for their failure to secure a reservation.

Adding new item in menu is a risk

How often do you introduce and play around with your menu? Your menu for cooked food is something that should not be fooled around with but how does your culinary team test out the recipes if not put on the menu?

Well, with meal kits, you have an opportunity to develop a recipe, and test it in market before introducing that to your main menu

Conundrum to partner with 3rd party delivery or not

As said in the first point, delivery in plastic ware wouldn’t do justice to your finely chef curated meals. We know that you know that which is why such a low percentage of fine dining places are present on these marketplaces.

Condensation, coldness, shakiness in delivery? Those fancy meals couldn’t handle that. Well, with meal kits, any recipe is delivery safe. People cook them at home and garnish the way you direct them to with recipe cards.

Meaning? Well, now you can sell meal kits on aggregators and instead of runining your brand image, you’ll be getting more revenue and increased brand loyalty.

Some examples of some fine dining restaurants doing meal kits in one of the forms is one of steakhouses out of NY. This place, sells kits of steaks costing about 300 dollars and they sell quite a lot.

So, we don’t know what you’re waiting for but if you want to learn how we help you do it, then read our section.

Dailykit being an open source technology company is non-opinionated on how meal kit brands should be run. So, using our technology, you can add meal kits to your business in a way that suits you best.

Our solution is divided in 4 parts.


Using advanced recipe management tools, your chefs can very easily curate your existing recipes or new recipes in form of meal kits.

It will be your business decision, but our tool allows you to make recipes smart meaning you can add variations for some specific niches like vegan/low calorie etc.


Dailykit solution can be very easily integrated inside your kitchen. Our simple and easy to use weighing scales will make portioning and packing so easy that even a child can pack meal kits (not that you should use child labour).

The essence is that Dailykit makes packing meal kits idiot proof, leaving no room for errors.

Market and Sell

Using Dailykit, you can decide which platforms to sell and market your product on. From your own website to 3rd party aggregators, you have a variety of choice.

We understand that you may have some restrictions in relation to the lead time on order and delivery days so you can very easily fine tune the availability period for your meal kit offering.


We know that you wouldn’t have your own delivery fleet and are in no interest to have one. So, using integrated delivery partner on the platform, you can choose different companies to deliver your product, either in real time or for pre-orders.

Be assured that you’ll get all the help from our customer support and we don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and help you.

So, let’s be partner in profit and bring us today, our daily kits.



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