Experience 100% growth from

Stagnant to Increasing Revenue, Shrinking to Expanding Consumer base & Unsustainable Margin to Healthy Profits

QSRs, Cafes and Casual Dining

are where consumers serve themselves, though the definition is subjective, the general understanding is that QSRs are fast moving. For a better visualization, any establishment with a bar stool facing a window or wall can be said to fall in this category.

Below are the facts about the challenges faced by this category and how adding meal kit addresses those

From Stagnant Growth to Increasing Revenue

Majority of customers are residents or working in the locality of your establishment. So, increasing revenue from new wave of customers is not a possibility, leading to stagnant growth.

Adding meal kit to your offering should entice your existing clientele to purchase them and cook at home and thus adding revenue from existing customers. Consider this a side business like selling soda, chips.

Isn’t a business run best when your existing customers buy more from you? Well, that’s what meal kit does. It increases your average revenue per customer (ARPC) and thus increasing your revenue.

From Shrinking to Expanding Consumer Base

Every business succeeds when they add more consumers than they lose meaning ever increasing consumer base. Adding meal kits exposes your brand to an unaddressed pocket of audience that prefers to cook at home.

Now they have a reason to step inside your establishment and purchase your kits to cook at home and brag to their social circle, post pictures of your brand on social media. Think about your Social Media Presence going off the roof

Unsustainable margin to healthy profits

Often the products are priced at these stores are inexpensive and close to economical value to drive a casual and impulsive decision. Cheap products and higher costs on rent, staff and investment on infrastructure leads to unsustainable margin leading to business running in loss.

Using your existing resources such as staff, location and infrastructure to produce and sell meal kits, drives more return from these fixed costs thus leading to higher profit margin

Before you read further,

We would like to thank you for your service by feeding us. If it weren’t for you, we’d be in a very tough spot. We hope that you have gone through our guide on why you should add meal kits to your offering

Dailykit is the platform with a vision to help businesses like yours become sustainable, earn profits by helping you add meal kit delivery.

There are Basically 4 avenues to any food business that are common to meal kits too.


Recipes are soul of meal kits. We help you curating your existing recipes to be sold as meal kits.

Not only this, you can also add recipes from our recipe marketplace to your menu. You can search for all the recipes that matches to your existing inventory it’s easy go.


That’s where we best come in. Using dailykit solution, you can pack meal kits practically anywhere.

It becomes so easy to pack meal kits either at back-of the house kitchen or even at the counter in front of consumers.

If done right, it hardly takes less than 3 minutes to pack a meal kit from scratch.

Market and Sell

Whatever be the possibility, you can be assured that with Dailykit, you’re covered. We have omni-channel solution.

We help you set up your own website like Shopify with all the options to curate the conditions of selling such as enforcing pre-orders only. We also help you integrate with marketplaces like Ubereats, Grubhub etc so you can also sell with them.

We’re also coming up with vending machine for meal kits that will be a game changer.

Delivery Partner

Just like market and sell, Dailykit helps you with the software solution to run your own delivery fleet if you’re into that.

Else, you can take the help of delivery partners available on Dailykit platform for on-demand or scheduled hyperlocal delivery.

We also help you integrate with shipping companies in case, you’re planning to do nationwide delivery but we would recommend you against it.

To conclude, Dailykit is purposefully built keeping in mind, the operations and constraints of your business. You can be assured that adding meal kit to your operations would be a smooth sailing experience. And don’t forget about the benefits of adding meal kits.

We hope that you’re familiar that we’re open source and thus completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Bring us today, our Daily Kit.



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