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Meal Kit Ingredient Packaging

How It Works:
Meal Kits

Step 1 - Staff picks recommended ingredient & packaging displayed on workstation's KDS.
Step 2 - Staff potions ingredient. If the weight is more or less than the defined weight, they are instructed to correct the weight.
Step 3 - As soon as correct weight is achieved, the ingredient sachet gets marked completed and the label is printed out automatically.
Meal Prep Tray Packaging

How It Works:
Meal Prep

Step 1 - Staff is notified of each component that has to be packed together with their defined weight.
Step 2 - Staff packs the first ingredient, when the correct weight is achieved, the scale tares automatically and instructs staff to proceed with next the ingredient
Step 3 - Once all of the components for the Meal Prep product are portioned and packed, the label is automatically printed, and marked as complete.
White-Label Artisanal Grocery Packaging

How It Works:

Step 1 - A work-order is received for the supplier Item to be packeted according to the specified quantity.
Step 2 - Each Supplier Item is portioned and check-weighed against the specified quantity.
Step 3 - As soon as right weight is achieved, packet gets marked completed and label is printed out automatically.

Supported Weighing Scale

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