How to promote your

new Meal Kits service

A lot of Americans already fancy Meal Kits and it has become a big topic of conversation over the years. People do not want to wait for a week to get their hands on the Meal Kit but a lot sooner. This can only mean that the easier it is for Meal Kits to be discovered, the better it is for the customers. The real question here is, how do you make sure that Meal Kits are available for your customers to be discovered in as many ways as possible?

To boost visibility and fuel growth of your Meal Kits, there are some traditional ways of exposing your Meal Kits to customers and some Modern ways of doing it as well. Understanding the basic mechanics of your goal and how to effectively reach your customers without losing focus on your existing operations is typically what you will need to do.

As long as you as a Restaurant owner are bullish about the idea, Meal Kits are a sure shot way to build an authentic relationship with the consumer because nobody can question the unparalleled value Meal Kits are adding to your customers as we speak.

Here are some ways in which you can build exposure of your Meal Kits to your consumers by leveraging your existing walk-in customers and also bring in some new ones. Coupled with Offline exposure, Restaurants can also use a lot of Online tools to expose their Meal Kits to the masses.

1.Offline Promotions

We categorize Offline into 2 parts, Instore Promotions and In-Store Display.

1.1 In-Store Display

This doesn’t really require you to spend a lot of marketing dollars but rather allows you to leverage the power of your Restaurant’s footfall and convert them into sales.

Meal Kits are already a rage among people in the USA and the chances of piquing your customer’s curiosity by displaying your Meal Kits over the counter, are really high. Restaurants doing Meal Kits are still relatively a new concept and the fact that you have displayed your Meal Kits to your walk-in customers will help you tremendously in creating the initial buzz.

Some Restaurants have Televisions placed in their establishments. This can be leveraged to display all your Meal Kit offerings to the people who visit your Restaurant as well.

1.2 In-Store Promotions

This is a tried and tested formula that works almost all the time. All it takes is the right placement of these print materials.

A simple tabletop card that talks about a Meal Kit of your most famous dish works wonders. You can also print a banner that can be placed outside your establishment announcing that you now serve Meal Kits. A simple Meal Kit menu cards given to the customers who walk in also does the job. Add some stickers announcing a small discount for the first few orders and your marketing is set.

Restaurants can distribute flyers to everyone walking by or visiting your establishment with some details of your Meal Kits with a Menu and Contact Number. This is a tactic that has worked to a lot of people over the years and there’s no reason why it won’t work now.

2. Online Promotions

In Online Marketing, you can leverage the existing Food Aggregators like UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates..etc and also your own Website for your customers to place Online Orders.

2.1 Food Aggregators

There are many food aggregators in US like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates..etc where you can place your Meal Kits in. This will allow your brand of Meal Kits to be showcased to a lot of people who are already placing orders using these applications.

There are not a lot of Restaurants who have Meal Kits available in these platforms. So this provides you with an amazing chance of taking advantage of the exposure you can leverage from the users of these applications.

2.2 Website

Cooking has become a huge rage these days and with Meal Kits, it has become a topic of discussion among the youth. This has encouraged people to post different recipes online and videos on how they came up with it.

Restaurants can find their perfect recipe on platforms like Youtube, All Recipes, Delish, Tasty..etc who make some amazing innovative dishes and post them on their platforms. Most of these recipes can be used for commercial purposes as well. So this is another time saver for Restaurants deciding their Meal Kit Menu.

2.3 Online Advertising

Online Ads are everywhere these days. A recent survey says that a person is likely to see at least 2-3 ads in 10 minutes of using their mobile phone. The main reason is that online ads are not expensive.

Meal Kits are an amazing way for your audience to take notice of your ads because Meal Kits themselves have a way of attracting a lot of eyes. If this ad is of a restaurant then there’s all the more reason for your customer to take notice of your ad.

There are many mediums you can explore like Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Native Ads..etc that can give you tremendous brand exposure.

2.4 Food Influencers / Bloggers

Influencer Marketing is the newest trend catching up fast in the Restaurant Industry. A lot of Restaurants invite these influencers to try out their food and write about them to invite some positive press to their establishment.

Since a many people are already doing this, a Restaurant inviting these influencers to review their Meal Kit is an excellent way to attract some eyes. Since they already have a huge audience following them, these audiences will be exposed to something new and exciting which will drive a lot of people to try your Meal kits out.

We have addressed many ways in which you can promote your Meal Kits in this article but let’s also talk a little bit about how you can sell them.



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