6 Sales Channels to explore to

Sell your Meal Kits easily

A lot of people have asked us about how Meal Kits can be sold and the answer is very simple. Its the same as selling any other Food Item on your Menu and you have been doing it all along.

According to a survey, only 9% of consumers have purchased a meal kit. That's an incredibly low number in a food industry with sales in excess of $641 billion in 2017. Up to 60% of Americans don’t know what’s for dinner at 4:30 p.m. They want easy options they can pick up on their way home. If your Meal Kit is there to be discovered, you have won half the battle.

With that being said, we have 6 ways in which you can sell your Meal Kits,...

Sell them In-Store

Selling Meal Kits Instore is a great way to establish a strong relationship with your prospective customer. Your products can move quicker, selling them in-store can provide you with great consumer reach and great brand exposure.

Typically in a Restaurant, when the waiter asks a customer if they liked their food, they can also pitch the Meal Kits of the dish the customer had. In addition, Restaurants can display Meal Kits over the counter or inside the see-through freezer. Restaurants can also use Tabletop cards to display the Meal Kits available at the Restaurant which will establish branding for the Meal Kits.

By offering small discounts, Restaurants can make it appealing for consumers to purchase them in-store.

Food Aggregators

People are more connected online and Food Aggregator apps like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates..etc have a loyal connected customer base who consistently interact within these applications. Restaurants with an online presence expose themselves to substantial Income potential. Hence Restaurants can easily leverage this by adding another category called “Meal Kits” in your delivery Menu.

Restaurants can now run ads within these Food Aggregator platforms which is a great plus to Restaurants who want to start a new Meal Kit Service. The new menu items when advertised within these apps will generate a lot of interest among people to order your Meal Kits. It is also another way to substantially increase the Brand Presence of the Restaurant.

Sell them on your Website

By 2030, the online meal ordering business will touch $365 billion globally. If you are a restaurant and are not selling online, you are missing out. Restaurants with their own delivery fleet can have a seperate delivery menu on your website for Meal Kits. It is an excellent way of staying ahead of your Competition and Dailykit will help you create a tried and tested website. This will allow the customers of these restaurants with numerous options when they place a Meal Kit Order from the website.

Restaurant can also partner with third-party delivery platforms as well if they do not wish to operate your delivery fleet. There are multiple ways in which Restaurants can do this and we can provide you with the necessary tools to run a successful Meal Kit delivery business.

Pre Order Meal Kits

There is a sizable amount of customers who like to plan their meals in advance so to avoid the hassles of grocery shopping. These customers would love to Pre Order their Meals so that it arrives in time for them to prepare it. These are the types of customers who given the option will pre-order from your restaurant.

Dailykit provides you with the option of Pre Order through your website interface where customers can select when they would like to order and at what time. Pre Orders can be beneficial to the Restaurants as well as they will have the ability to plan their inventory well in advance.

Subscription Based Meal Kits

Subscription based Meal Kits are especially useful to customers who like to follow a regiment. People who are fitness enthusiasts like to Subscribe to a service that gives them Meal Kits in a timely manner on a daily or weekly basis.

Subscription services can also be very useful for old aged people who also follow a strict regiment of healthy meals in their diet. So these types of services have a lot of advantages when it comes to serving its purpose.

Similar to Pre Order functionalities, Dailykit has built in the ability for customers to Subscribe to a particular restaurant’s services thus giving customers a lot of options to sell meal kits using many different channels

60 Minute Delivery / Real Time Delivery

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about how Meal Kits are not available when you actually need them. The need for a 60 Minute or a Real Time Delivery is real and the need of the hour right now. This need can only be met by Restaurants.

To facilitate this need, Restaurants need to pack a Meal Kit within the time of the Delivery Personnel’s arrival. Fortunately, Dailykit is built for such a need and works perfectly. Not only will DailyKit provide you an interface for your customers to place Real Time Orders, but it also allows a Restaurant or anyone who wants to do Meal Kits to pack them in under 5 minutes.



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